Valley Commissary offers an unpretentious take on upscale food in a friendly setting. Our selections frequently change with the exception of a few fan favorites, so you as the diner can continue to experiment with our dishes. We offer daily specials and fresh baked pastries that can be enjoyed in house or ordered for take out.

Please call us for current menu options as our menu changes daily due to the seasonality of our products.


Sandwiches & Burgers

 BLB - bacon, lettuce, beets, chèvre & pickled peppers

Fried Chicken – kale slaw, roasted red peppers & bleu

Pork Belly – house made kimchi, avocado, cilantro, green cabbage, arugula & mama lil's aioli

Salumi - buttermilk bleu cheese, pickled cauliflower & kale 

Burger - peanut butter, grilled onions, jack & calabrian aioli

Chickpea Burger - smoked lime yogurt, arugula, pickled fennel & jalapeno 



Farm Greens – apples, feta, pistachio & red wine vinaigrette 

Beet Salad – avocado mousse, citrus, hazelnuts & chèvre 

Chop Salad - cured meats, hazelnuts, egg, chickpeas, sun dried tomatoes, pickled red onion & bleu cheese



Mac & Cheese – asparagus, sumac & mint

Meat & Cheese Plate - daily assortment of meats & cheeses, olives & house foccacia

Grilled Asparagus - prosciutto, chèvre, soft egg & mustard vin 



Inquire - changes daily 



Fried Cheese Curds



Fries & Aioli